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The Best Kept Secret to Getting Stronger…

Since the 1970s, experts have known that you can get stronger with just a 5-minute workout.

Our mission is to teach it to you.

Why have I never heard about this?

Exercise research is done mainly for athletes, so few scientists tried to answer the key question for everyone else: “How little can I do to get stronger?”

Fortunately, some have – and they answered the question in 1972 – they concluded:

If you pick the right exercises, do them right, and keep increasing the resistance, you can be done in 5 minutes.

But since no one would drive 10 minutes for such a short workout, it’s been kept a secret.

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Discover the Science Behind Short Workouts

You might be thinking: “There’s no way that such short workouts can actually make you stronger” – and you wouldn’t be alone.

I hear that from A LOT of people.

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Timeline of Research Proving that Short Strength Workouts Work

We make it simple because we love beginners

Our coaches will teach you a small number of simple exercises to do that use a $25 set of resistance bands.

Our coaches simplify the hard questions in strength training:

  • What exercises should I do?
  • How much weight should I use?
  • How many repetitions?
  • How often should I do it?
  • When should I use more resistance?

You’ll get stronger or you’ll get your money back.

Made by a real doctor and exercise researcher

I’m 55 and, for the past 10 years, I’ve only done 5-minute strength workouts.

My 21 year-old son, instead, spends hours in the gym each week.

This summer, when he challenged me to a pull-up contest when we walked past a jungle gym – I beat him by 1: 16 to 15. Not bad for 55.

My mission is to help everyone get stronger with a workout that works but is also so short that there’s no excuse not to do it.

Dr. Chris Sciamanna
Penn State College of Medicine (See Bio)

How can it be so inexpensive?

Shorter workouts = shorter training.

15 minutes is just enough time to teach you to:

  • Do the exercises properly and safely
  • Never do more than 10 repetitions
  • Know when to increase the resistance

While we love working with people, we love it even more when they have a new habit and don’t need us any longer.

Get started with three 15-minute sessions for just $79.

What is our remote coaching session like?

First, we’ll ask what your goals are – that will help us know which 5 exercises to include.

Second, we’ll ask you what gear you have at home. If you don’t have the right gear, we’ll ask you to buy this $25 set of bands on Amazon.

Third, we’ll show you the exercises.

Fourth, we’ll watch you do them and give you tips to make sure you do them safely and effectively.

Fifth, we’ll hold you accountable and help you get past any obstacles on your way to success.

Who is our coaching designed for?

If any of these describe you, you’re our type:

  • Do you consider yourself a beginner when it comes to strength training
    We love beginners!
  • Are you busy?
    We designed our 5 minute full-body strength workout and a 15 minute personal training session just for you!
  • Do you like saving money?
    We use a $25 set of bands and 3 personal training sessions cost only $79.
  • Fourth, do you like proof?
    Our 5 minute workout has been studied for decades.

What do people say?

“It’s amazing how quick it happens, that all of a sudden, I can build muscle, and I feel so much stronger.”

                                          – Nelleke

“I’ve just found it to be a fantastic program. At just 5-minutes, there’s no excuse not to do it. I haven’t missed a workout yet and I intend to keep doing this forever.”

                                             – Steve

“I’ve noticed myself getting a lot stronger. I’m busy. I’m a teacher, I’m a grandmother, and I can tell in my everyday life that I’m not feeling my muscles as tired as they used to be.”

                                                – Julie